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Make a Bear with Stufflers Bear Building

Join us these School Holidays with Stufflers Bear Building to make your own furry friend for only *$8!

This is more than 80% off the recommended price (RRP*)!

Date: Monday 8th of JULY to Saturday 13th of JULY
Time: 9:30am to 4pm daily
See the event on Facebook and click 'GOING' within the event to ensure there is enough stock for everyone.

In addition to Teddy Bears they have all kinds of new friends including Cats, Dogs, Dragons, Monsters, Jungle Animals and more for you to love!

- Choose from up to 12 Stufflers plush Animal Skins!
- Use our Fluffenstuff Machine to bring your new friend to life!
- Insert a love token in the love ceremony!
- Give your new friend a name and record it on your Stufflers Birth Certificate!
- Take your new Stuffler friend home to love!

Only the first 260 Per Day can make a bear for $8. After that, the price rises to $12, which is still a PAWsome 50% off!

** Stock selection rotates and is random each day, we do not know what we will have in stock each day until the night before. All bear accessories are available at an additional cost. ONLY while stocks last!!**