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Safety Activity Centre

The Casey Central Safety Activity Centre will help kids understand the importance of car park safety. We will have a mini car park scene with traffic lights, mini cars, zebra crossing, the works!

Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 July
Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 July
Activity to run from 11am – 2pm daily
Located opposite Woolworths

Thanks for helping to keep our community safe!

Here at Casey Central we are committed to keeping the Shopping Centre community Safe!

Keep in mind the following tips to keep you safe in our Carpark:

  • Always obey traffic rules and signage
  • Use pedestrian crossings and footpaths when walking though the carpark
  • Watch for reversing vehicles
  • Walk closely with or hold hands with your little ones
  • Walk, don’t run
  • To eliminate car park obstacles return your trolley
  • Never drive above the carpark speed limit
  • Look out for others who may need help
  • Don’t leave children or animals in the car
  • Don’t enter restricted access areas or loading docks

In the case you may notice something unsafe or someone in need of help, please contact our security team on 0488 606 586 a cleaner or the Centre Management Team 9768 4101 in the case of an emergency, call 000 immediately.

Thanks for keeping your community safe!

Keep the kids entertained with our downloadable safety activity sheets, click here

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