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On The Go Cafe for your quick and easy lunch

Whether it’s a lunch stop or even just a snack cause nothing beats a few dimmies or a couple of potato cakes on the way out after your grocery shop. The selection doesn’t stop there. Ready to go you can also choose chicken nuggets, fish & chips and burgers. But it doesn’t stop there either, there’s a variety of pies, sausage rolls and filo postries. And then for the sweet tooth a great choice of cakes, slices and even ice cream.

We recently tried a selection of goods.

They have a variety of flavours but the kids prefer the plain pie so that’s what we went with.

As we were grabbing lunch and not just a snack, we decided to try the schnitzel burger (with hot chips of course). The chicken schnitzel was nice and crispy with a good amount of mayo and lettuce.

Fried dim sims are always a good idea and we added a couple of potato cakes and chicken nuggets for the kids. These were well enjoyed. Just look at those dimmies!

If you have a sweet tooth the cake display is definitely your friend with a great variety to choose from. I can never go past a lemon tart and this one did not disappoint. The slices we tried were Flourless Cookie Dough & Caramel, Rocky Road Fudge and Schmicker’s Peanut Slice. The cookie dough base combined with the caramel melted together deliciously while eating it. The Rocky Road was a hit with the kids who loved the big marshmallows in it. My favourite was the Schmicker’s which tasted like a mix of sweet peanut butter and chocolate. YUM!

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Phone: 8790 1928

Reviewed by Amy @inbetweendesserts