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Casey Critters Kid’s Activities

Meet Our Casey Critters


Charlie is the unofficial leader of the crowd (but not in a mean girl kind of way – in a positive way), sometimes lacks confidence, but he is top guy and very encouraging to his friends. Charlie is sporty, likes flossing and fortnite. He is a good friend, fun and comes up with the solution to get the squad out of whatever bind they find themselves in.

Download my colouring activity.


Carlos is the mischievous one (not in a mean way), mostly out for self-serving interests, he’s always looking for an upside. No-one really knows where he lives, they’re not 100% sure where he came from – he’s a little evasive with detail. Claude is sharp as a tack and quick as a whip. He’s one step ahead.

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Clive is a grumpy and sarcastic guy, but he has a big heart and secretly wants to just be loved and fit in. He lives alone, his place is fastidiously tidy and likes things just so. He hates people that are late and being told he is wrong.

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Cindy is a love, she’s sweet, ditzy and loves to help out and says funny, dumb things. She is a real supporter, gives people confidence, loves to celebrate. She loves unicorns, birthday cake and joining in.

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She is a sweet girl, she’s shy and smart. She collected the entire set of Coles minis, she brings baked goods wherever she goes, she is good with stats, an avid reader and a little bit nerdy. She has a secret crush on Charlie.

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Claude is the guy focused on food, he is not too bright, big heart, good with a one-liner or Dad joke! He is Mr ‘get- along’ and is enthusiastically on board with any idea. His place is a shemozzle and he’s personally a little bit unkempt and always late!

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Let’s Play

Pass the time

Join Charlie and the gang with fun activities to pass the time!

Download activity sheet.

Who Am I crossword?

Use the clues to reveal the critters names.

Download the crossword.

Word search

Help Clive find the playground words.

Download here.

Spot the difference 

Casey Critter Hunt

Can you find the Casey Critters? Download this activity in


Casey Critter Word Search

Can you find the Casey Critters names?

Download the word search.

Covid Time Capsule

Create your 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule.

 Download here.

Colour by number

Join Charlie and friends for singing and dancing fun

Let’s Craft

Explore your kids creativity with our fun Critter Crafts.  Click each craft to download instructions.

Let’s Cook

Kids lunch and snacks to make at home. View recipe.

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