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Hot Cross Buns

Here at Casey Central we are spoilt for choice with the number of foodies we have on offer.  With both fresh food and café retailers making an offering at the 2020 Hot Cross Bun tasting table, our tastebuds were in a spin!  With flavours ranging from the traditional to the insane and all dietary requirements considered, our tasting team are confident that you’ll find the bun at Casey Central for you this Easter season!

Ferguson Plarre

Ferguson Plarre, will hereto forth be known as the ‘Flavour King’ offering five varieties for consideration! From your traditional full fruit bun which also comes in a with a peel free vegan option, choc chip, apple & cinnamon (also vegan) and raspberry & white chocolate.

Players at the tasting table were surprised to enjoy the full fruit with peel which was not something they’d normally go for in a bun, however this model was noted to have a delicious cinnamon flavour with the peel adding a delicate fruity punch which was not considered overwhelming!  The Chocolate Chip flavour, a cheeky alternative to your traditional bun, was well received with some noting it has a muffin-y feel about it.

However, the Jewell in the Ferguson Plarre Easter Bun Crown was the unique and delicious raspberry & white chocolate!  Tasters were surprised to find this delicious morsel was well balanced and not as sweet as they had anticipated.  The Bun was choc-o-block full of white choc chunks and a delightfully creamy cross – an often overlooked feature of the Hot Cross Bun!

OUR FAVOURITE: Raspberry & White Chocolate

Shingle Inn

The sophisticated café retailer is serving traditional and gluten free hot cross buns this Easter. Their traditional offer was lightly spiced and studded with sultanas and currants. However, lightly toasted with lashings of butter, this beauty had the panel ricocheting right back to our childhood Good Friday and Easter mornings!

For all those seeking a gluten free option, this one is noteworthy and our pick of the two. Textured more like a cake than a bun, this Easter mini-loaf is a very respectable and enjoyable gluten-free treat.  With their icing (not traditional dough cross), the Shingle Inn gluten-free offering is an all-inclusive crowd pleaser.

OUR FAVOURITE: Gluten Free Hot Cross Bun (Mini Loaf)

Bakers Delight

With a strong history of serving hot cross buns to the masses, the team at Bakers Delight were under pressure to bring their A game, and they did just that! The panel were presented four flavours, three traditional offerings; traditional fruit, choc chip, apple & cinnamon, the tasting table also received the newcomer to the bun pack; choc berry cherry.

Tasters were instantly drawn in by the generous sweet and sticky sugar cinnamon topping on the Apple & Cinnamon release, with across the board appreciation for the balance of fruit to spice ratio.   ‘Generous’ was term bandied about at the table to describe the quantity of choc-chips that give the choc chip buns their name.

The real showstopper from the Bakers Delight is new kid on the block, the Choc Berry Cherry.  One panellist was so taken they boldly announced, “its like a Cherry Ripe in a Bun!”  The tasting team agreed that this little gem packed plenty of punch, is a terrific innovation of flavour and is a great option for punters that aren’t traditional bun lovers.

OUR FAVOURITE: Choc Berry Cherry

Muffin Break

Last to the tasting table, was the Bun with a twist from Muffin Break.  The team at Muffin Break have come up with this little beauty, a hybrid beast which packs a punch!  this Easter offering will delight the scone lovers young and old!

With a peppery undertone, cinnamon and fruit this unassuming baked treat had the table on its knees!  Innovation at its best, dense and meaty, its a hot cross bun in wolves clothing!

OUR FAVOURITE: It’s a one-horse race, and it’s a winner!


With so many outstanding Hot Cross Bun options available at Casey Central the panel at the Tasting Table fought robustly for many hours to agree which was the superior Bun.  As many of the Panel are still unconscious or recovering from food comma, no final decision was agreed.  The Panel have determined that your family must eat your own way through the Casey Central Hot Cross Bun selection.  Please feel free to post your review here.

Note: These reviews are an independent result of the 2020 Hot Cross Bun tasting table.  The Panel is not-affiliated with any individual retailer, is not sponsored, did not receive kickbacks, free product or butter subsidies.